These photos were taken at a party at China Beach in 1967. Captain Mims is pictured here, but I can not recall the names of the others. Steaks, beer, but no women. So the guys ended up (when the beer was gone) throwing guys into the trailer full of ice water. About seven of them (black and white picture) got a real kick out of throwing me in. I don't know how to point out the few I know like George "Rocky" Rochester (NCOIC of my sweep team) and I think, Capt. Mims. Of course, it happened after we did our morning sweep. Ken "Blackie" Blackburn is in there and I seem to recall a guy named Bemis or something like that. It would be great if anyone browzing through here could identify them. If they can, just contact the Webmaster.

Left to Right: James Sacra, Don Elliott (with sun glasses) Carl Callahan (aka Col. Cal) and Jim Miller (aka Tex) holding Doc's arm.