9th Engineer Battalion

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HM3 Jim "Doc" Finch.... "Most of the time working with "A" Company was pretty exciting. We usually swept the roads for mines from daylight to about noon. Then we would work with the road crew either setting up a guardpost or lending a hand. My team, headed by George "Rocky" Rochester who eventually retired from the Marine Corps in 1985, stayed with the Third Battalion First Marines until the nights got too hot and we were moved to the base of Marble Mountain. This was in the early part of 1967. The little "Pig" (ontos) that would follow our team on sweep duty was an interesting vehicle, fast and lots of fire-power. Those guys were almost as crazy as we were when we walked into a mine field to clear a path! We could walk about three miles to get a hot meal with a Sea Bee Battalion for dinner or eat the good old ham and lima bean C rations from the Korean or WWII era. It was yummy! I was air-evacuated home after an injury in March or April of 1967. A million dollar injury they told me. Lucky, again. Semper Fi"

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