Kozak and JuraCpl. Paul Kozak left, Sgt. Fred Jura laying down on the sand bags.

Kurt Kurt "Doc" Duncan

KurtDuncan again on the left

Doc DuncanDoc Duncan treating an injured man...

Filling sand bagsThis is a group of us filling sandbags which was taken by Cpl. Paul Kozak... From left to right, far left, I don't remember his name; Danny Ramirez with the shovel; Thomas Elmer Eckenrode III; myself; Schueler and Frank Imbrogno. I cannot remember or identify the man seated to the left of Ramirez. Taken at Ca Lu around Christmas, 1967.

Rodriguez, Maxfield and Tom Hardy HSPACE=Left to right...Rodriquez, Maxfield and Tom Hardy at Ca Lu in 1967

Patrol HSPACE=I took this flic with Kozak's camera while we were on patrol outside Ca Lu. Delta Company had been pulled out of the area and sent back down through Battalion at Chu Lai, then on to Hill 63. But there was a small remnant of Delta , 1st Platoon who remained at Ca Lu. We were unable to get out of Ca Lu for about 2 weeks due to weather conditions prohibiting choppers from getting us out and the fact that Route 9 had been cut in three different places prohibiting vehicle convoys....... We were grabbed up by the 9th Marines, I beleive 2nd or 3rd Battalion.... We pulled patrols and other duties with them until we were able to be extracted and rejoin Delta Company at Hill 63. This patrol, I remember was to the southwest of Ca Lu, across the river at the base of the foothills. Thats Kozak facing to the left.

Patrol HSPACE=

Patrol HSPACE=

Patrol HSPACE=